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My LG tv will not turn on and the red light stays on

My LG tv will not turn on and the red light stays on

we have not had the tv on in 4 months as it is a summer home but there has been some severe storms but when we went to turn it on the red light is on but the set will not turn on..either by remote or by power button…we have unplugged it and we even plugged in in to the wall and off the power strip still nothing,,,could this have been fried by a power surge? It is a 55 inch set


I had the same problem, my LG magic remote won’t function properly and once the batteries are placed on the remote, the POWER button would flash 3 times, then if you press any other random button, the POWER button would remain lit (red) indefinitely and will only switch off when a button is pressed but go back to being on afterwards. We browsed the net for solutions from those who had the same problem and tried a lot of things like the pairing by pressing the HOME and RETURN button simultaneously for 5 seconds but it didn’t work. Then I tried the pressing of each button for 3 seconds while the battery is removed, and nothing happened. So we kinda gave up and figured we would let it rest without the batteries for a few hours, and just watch on the tv using the remote app downloaded in my phone. After a few hours of detaching the batteries from the remote, we assembled it again and surprisingly it worked. I am not entirely sure if the resting period or the other stuff we did to the remote was the fixing factor.

Maybe hoover ports vents etc.  or change the fuse??

Read everything on Google that I could, yet none of the advice worked. However, the comment above about a button being imperceptively stuck down resonated. Checking the remote, I noticed that the “1” button was stuck down. Once I gently teased it up again, the remote control immediately worked perfectly again :)

Same thing happened to me once reading the thread about a stuck button I noticed Netflix button was stuck

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