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My mini boombot won't turn on or charge

My mini boombot won't turn on or charge

It was working fine yesterday now it won't charge or turn on. What can be the issue


"Chastity, when you attached the charger to you speaker, does the connection feel tight or perhaps more loose than you remember? When the car is attached, do you see any come come on our flash on the side of the speaker?

A broken charger port is a common failure point on both phones and portable accessories that have a rechargeable battery. It's also possible that the charger is the issue, so you should try another microUSB cable and power supply.

Considering the boombot mini's are so cheap now, it doesn't make sense to pay someone to repair it a broken port. However, this could be a fun project for you to learn or perfect soldering skills. If you open the speaker, take care not to bend or puncture the pillow-like battery inside. That should be your #1 goal. Beyond the concerns of battery safety the worst thing you can do to your dead speaker is nothing... So why not try to fix it yourself?!"

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