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My mp3 wont turn on, what do I do?

My mp3 wont turn on, what do I do?

My mp3 is a 18062 RD 4GB and it will not turn on. I charge it for hours but it wont turn on. What do I do now?


the battery’s in these units are junk. you take it apart very easy just 2 screws and you will see the battery it is in like tin foil very small. you can find battery’s like this in old cell phones / bluetooth headphones / many small electronics that are rechargeable. there is a red and a black wire . if you can solder just solder in the new one if you can solder just bare the wires and twist the red together and same with the black and put some black tape over them so the don’t short out. charge for a good 8 hours and your set good luck

You have to turn it on, then it will charge,..also to hear the stuff you click on bottom button to highlight icon and in a few sec.s turn up volume with right button (with clicks). One last thing-will allow drag and drop,. and oh ya, push pause and then turn off to pick up where you left off rather than start all over. Charge for a good long while.Not sure if it would take a wall charger charge so not doing it unless I learn that’s okay. Love ya!

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