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My radio went out, all it shows is compass direction and temperature

My radio went out, all it shows is compass direction and temperature It gave a loud pop and I lost all radio function, the clock will intermittently flash a time but it will not turn on. Before it went out, it did pop loudly once and I had to reset all my radio stations, this has access to the Ford access tracking as well as satellite radio, CD player. None of the buttons work,all it shows is compass direction and temperature.

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"It sounds like a capacitor issue with how it went out, since it sort of works but is crippled. The problem with radios is they have a conformal coating that can make them hard to work on yourself - and having it done professionally costs more then a good one from the junkyard. It’s probably repairable with a set of capacitors, but there could also be another hidden fault that killed it. You’ll want to check it thoroughly first. See if you can find a schematic and a service manual to go through all of the boards to get a good idea of the damage. Loud pop is usually indicative of blown caps in a enclosed device. That said, I would get the truck scanned to check for a fault that killed the factory radio if you can do so.

The second option is to get a aftermarket replacement or one of those Android radios with a CD player from somewhere like Walmart and the correct wiring harness to swap it out if yours is dual DIN. Don’t cut the factory harness since it’s adaptable. This isn’t like the GM radios that use the radio as an anti theft device, so you can freely swap it without worrying about losing the anti theft system. It’s worth looking at the cost of a OEM radio that’s tested and pulled or even a new one too."