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My tv screen is very dim

My tv screen is very dim

I have sound and everything else in the tv works like it should but my tv screen is very dim i have another tv where it is totally black and you have to do a flashlight test to see it. This tv however is not that bad it is just very dim and changing any of the settings does not make it better it is always consistantly dim it does not fluctuate or get brighter or darker. You can see the picture its just hard to see unless its night. It is a vizio e320-B2


"David Roose  that sounds like a backlight problem. It is possibly that your power supply does not supply proper voltages to the backlight LED’s or your backlight LED array is failing. You’d have to check those boards to proceed further. One problem here is that Vizio is not DIY friendly and schematics etc. are hard to come by. We would need to rely on you for more information. Post some pictures of all of your boards etc. with your question. That way we can hopefully provide further guidance. Vizio also has issues with bad connectors etc. so make sure that you check on those as well.

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