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My tv wont turn on no blinks nothing

My tv wont turn on no blinks nothing

TV doesnt turn on no blinks nothing at all


"@rudykingjames you are really not giving us a lot of information here. First, we need to know the exact model of your Toshiba. Then you need to understand that Toshiba is an absolutely paranoid company that does not care for DIY’ers at all. They are using their ambulance chasing attorneys to intimidate anyone that as much as read their scarce manuals. So, expect no assistance from them.

Now for the repair. Make sure that your outlet has power. Make sure that your power cord works. If that checks out you will have to remove the back cover from your TV and check the fuses on the power board. Post some good pictures of all of your boards as well as the interconnect cables and the general layout of the boards. All of this is necessary so that we can see what you see. Adding images to an existing question"

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