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My Vizio E320fi-B2 Won't Turn On Or Display Power LED

My Vizio E320fi-B2 Won't Turn On Or Display Power LED

So I've been using the Vizio E320fi-B2 for about 7 months now.



If you have only had it for 7 months, (was it from new?), verify the purchase date and then consult the warranty statement in the User Guide as to what you have to do to get a warranty repair or replacement.

There is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the TV.

Here is a link to the manufacturer's warranty statement.


"The ticking noise you are hearing is most certainly coming from the SMPS this is the source that supplies feeds to the other boards inside your TV.

The reason for this can be varied for example a short cct has occurred whereas the smps will automatically sense a problem and shut down to protect itself from further damage therefore no supply to its satellite boards.

I could elaborate more but would not advise you or any other person to try the old adage ""it must be a fuse""... In earlier times the day's of CRT televisions...vtrs...hi..fi....radio i have encountered many times fuses that have been replaced with :.. fuse wire....silver paper...screws...nails.... the most common one being silver paper wrapped around the original fuse.

My advice further is to seek professional help ...no easy money saving fix here"

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