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Need a video on fixing a very loose and wiggly steering wheel

Need a video on fixing a very loose and wiggly steering wheel Steering wheel on a 1988 chevy sidestep

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"we need a bit more information. Is it the steering wheel that is loose or your steering? Is the steering sloppy and you find yourself correcting it continuously while driving? Do you have trouble moving your tires with the steering wheel? If so then you need to check where the steering shaft connects to the steering gear.

Make sure that it is still properly connected and that there is not to much play in the steering gear. Check the suspension and steering parts on the front end. Check the ball joints and Pitman arm etc. If it is your steering wheel, than you probably have issues with the steering column. The bolts inside the base of the column do over time come loose. You need to strip the column down to where it's wobbly and tighten four bolts. If unsure about what goes where etc. it is always good to add some images to your question. For that use this guide Adding images to an existing question

Repair videos for your problem are not available on iFixit but you can always check youtube etc"