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New Battery will not charge

New Battery will not charge
Changed battery and iPod started normally with low charge, everything works. Went to charge it and noted that hard drive starts up when cable plugged in, also keys do not work. Unplug cable and drive stops and keys work. Tried two different cables and same result. Now battery is dead so I get an Apple icon and then display goes dead.


Just to make sure that the battery is not the problem, let’s try one more battery. iFixit sells the particular battery necessary for this device, and if we determine that the battery is not the problem then you can return it quick and easy.
Use the Firewire cable and charging brick from 10 years ago. It will work like a charm. My older version 3rd gen IPOD does not charge with USB - - that is only for transferring data. Use the Firewire and it will boot up and start charging right away. Apple made an aftermarket product item M9126G/A that came with a USB and Firewire end so that you could connect to the newer computers. They are still available on eBay if you don’t have your original.

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