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No power ,only light is a red one in the back of tv at an aux plug

No power ,only light is a red one in the back of tv at an aux plug

I have a lg 49LX570H.AUS..my husband got from someone he moved from his job. The guy told him there is no power but don't know why he never cared to mess with it and so it sat in his garage font know how long..but the only light that comes on is a flashing red light in the back of tv at some kind of ,aux plug. Can i get help.i have called lg guys and he said he doesn't know without seeing it.so can't tell if its a power bored or not ..i don't have the monet to pay to get looked at and want to keep it if can


"@sondral that is an odd model and seems to be commonly used in hospitality settings like Hotels etc. Anyhow. The best start would be to remove the back of your TV. Take some good pictures of the boards and the cables between those boards. Post those pictures with your question. We would need to see the power board to determine which connectors are leading to the main board etc. There should be some voltages printed on the board. You’ll need a multimeter to check those voltages. Right now, going by your description, this could be a power board issue. It is only a guess without seeing it and without checking the voltages.

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