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no transmit but shows good output

no transmit but shows good output
cobra 29 ltd wx classic, good receive no transmit.showes it has good signal but no one hears it


Check your mic as well as your mic connection. Try a different one and see what happens.
Does it have a meter on it? If yes, does the meter move wen you whistle into the microphone? (that is rude on the air but for lack of test equipment..)
In this case sounds like bad mic or mic gain turned down or the audio section of the transmit board is open
The only thing with saying the finals have blown is that the original poster indicates the meter is still swinging over on tx but nobody hears him. If the finals had blown, I have never known a CB radio yet that still swings the meter on a key, the needle always stays dead or incredibly low once the outputs are shot. CB RADIO INFORMATION I would be concentrating on the antenna side of the equation, providing you even have one ?
With the speaker side down, set the radio on a flat surface. Remove the microphone plug from the radio. Look at the socket the mike plug came out of. You will see a four pin connection. Look closely at the four pins. One of them has a small bump or notch near it. To the left of that notch is the ground pin. To the right of that notch is the receive pin. Above the ground pin is the mike pin. Above the receive pin is the transmit pin.

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