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Not spinning

Not spinning

My machine pumps out water,but makes a loud grinding noise at high rpm but dose not spine


"The 2 physical causes (non electrical) of it to not spin but pump out water if the washer is functioning properly during the wash cycle.

Drive Block - This is what attaches the basket to the spin tube.

Spin Clutch Assembly - This is the interface between the spin tube and transmission that causes the spin tube to spin.

The drive block is the one most likely to make a grinding noise, either could. To repair or replace either of these you will need a spanner wrench. If the drive block is the problem you should be able to turn the clothes basket in either direction with the washer off - more than likely with some resistance. Here is a link to a site to help you diagnose the cause of the problem. There is a chance that the problem is with the transmission/gear case - unusually not the problem. If it is the transmission you will see a big oily mess inside the cabinet and on the floor.

Here are some diagrams of the washers parts and systems till then.

If it is making the grinding noise during the wash cycle also the problem will most likely be the drive coupling between the motor and transmission."

IT will not spin i don;t hear any grinding

You have a broken motor coupler. It is a very common failure. It is the link between the motor and transmission, which essentially acts as a belt on these machines. It's a easy repair for an appliance technician and worth repairing.

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