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One LED Strip works every alternate time I power on my Vizio E700i-B3

One LED Strip works every alternate time I power on my Vizio E700i-B3

I couldn’t find others with my exact problem so I am posting a fresh question.


"from the looks of your picture, you have some backlights out and recommend replacing them. before you do, check under your picture settings for the following:

backlight - turn down to half way point to increase led longevity

auto brightness adjust/dimming - turn this feature off

auto/ambient light adjustment - turn this feature off

active led zone/ dimming - turn this feature off.

with these settings turned off, if it was caused by the software, it will be cleared up. ( i would recommend leaving them off regardless) In this case, it looks like a whole array is out (5or 6 led strips) caused by one or more led failures. youll want to look into replacing them.

here is a link for replacement leds for your set:


ensure that the writing on your strips match what is listed on the description for your replacments. you can find other vendors with this part number or by searching your sets model number along with led replacements. again, make sure the replacements match.

you can test the arrays by removing the back cover and testing the connector leading to the leds with the set unplugged in ohm mode on a multi meter. there may be 3-4 sets of colored wires. (red and white or black and white) each on of those pair is an arry that drives multiple strips. in ohm mode, reading each set of paired wires will give you a resistance reading. they should all be about equal. in this instance, the array at the top is either going to be infiniate resistance (OL) or its going to be way off from the others.

another way to test is to supply voltage to each set of paired wires and see if they light up. this will require purchase of a tool. again, it will give you a reading of voltage taken by the array. they should all be around the same voltage. in this scenario, the array at the top i feel will be way off or show no voltage taken. heres a link to the toll if interested:


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