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Only one side plays when in wireless..

Only one side plays when in wireless..

When i connect my headphones via Bluetooth it only plays sound in the one side but when I plug in the Aux cable it plays in both.



Have you tried a different BT source just to prove the problem is in the headphones?

If it is, it may be a dirty or faulty aux socket in the headphones. What headphone speaker is not playing, Left or Right?

Not quite sure if your headphones are like this but in some the aux socket has internal contacts that change over to disconnect the BT and connect the aux input when a cord is inserted.

If it is the Left speaker, by convention it is connected to the 'tip' connection (with its appropriate contacts) in the socket and if it is the Right speaker it is connected to the 'ring' connector (with its appropriate contacts) in the socket.

Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on how to repair your headphones. It is handy as it shows how to open the headphones so that the socket can be inspected and tested. In Step. 5 of the guide you can see (not very well) the aux socket.

Beats Solo HD Speaker Replacement"

"1 - Connect with bluetooth and hear sound is not ok.

2 - Insert sound cable when it is playing hear sound ok

3 - When playing audio remove sound cable

4 - Power off/on headphones and reconnect bluetooth

Should be ok now.

Problem was i pluged in some cheap speaker via cable and i forgot to disconnect when i was done.

One night it stayed connected and in the morning i was having this trouble."

heyyy everyone I also had the problem when I can only hear from one ear, and I was literally freaking out like crazy because they were only a week old. so I tired so many things like reseting direct from my headphones etc and nothing worked. so I connected them to my Mac and I clicked on 'open sound preference' and I altered the balance so it was even between the left and right. problem solved!

Resetting the headphones also helps, I just did that and one of the suggestions here in a combo and now both ears are working well. Word of advise, there is different reset options depending on which series of Beats you are trying to fix. Mine are Solo 3's so I had to hold the power button and down volume button for 8 seconds to reset mine. Google your reset options if yours is not a Solo 3, I think others you hold the volume down button on the set and the multifunction button on the cord for 8 seconds until a blue and red light flashes.

My beat solo 3's right ear did not work while using Bluetooth but it did with an aux cable, I had tried everything but I did remember that this only occurred after the first time my headphones had run out of charge, I'm not sure if this will help anyone but all I did was turn them off, put them on charge for 2 seconds and then took out the charging cable and turned them on again. Worked for me, hope this helps someone else in My position who has tried everything

I just had the same issue and based on a response above i stuck a pipe cleaner in the aux jack to clean it out and the right side started working again.

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