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Panasonic Combination Mwave/Oven NE-972 Oven Fault FFFF

Panasonic Combination Mwave/Oven NE-972 Oven Fault FFFF

"I am trying to obtain a service manual/circuit diagram for our ""elderly"" combination Microwave/Oven. It is an NE-972 and we have used this particular model for over 40 years, I think this is the third one which we have owned and have found them to be an excellent product.
Unfortunately the current one has developed an OVEN fault. The microwave still works well without any problems. We still use it for that purpose regularly.
When the oven temperature has been set and the start button pressed, the power relay for the heating element pulls in for a fraction of a second and then drops out."


"Hi @glengardener ,

Here’s the service manual for the microwave.

See p.32 for FF FF error code troubleshooting.

The schematic for your model is on p.9"

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