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Power source. Please help!

Power source. Please help!


"I can confirm that the Google Home Mini works with a simple micro USB input, just like a smartphone. The plug is a bit recessed so not all USB cables will be compatible, but I easily found one that is.

You should get a high quality cable because the voltage drop at full volume is enough to make the Home Mini reboot.

The included AC adapter is rated at 5V and up to 1.8A, so get an USB adapter rated at 1.8 or more amps."
Do not use a pc to power the home mini as it will cut off on max volume due to not enough amps.
You may want to look into a battery base. There are a couple on sale on Amazon that look to fit neatly onto the bottom of the Google Home Mini.
My research has brought me to this, as long as you have a charging block rated for at least
Any adapter/converter that produces at least 1.8A to a USB socket will work just fine. The easiest ones to find that step down from 12V will be the ones used in car lighter/accessory sockets.

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