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Propane Kenmore Elite H3

Propane Kenmore Elite H3

The dryer is not staying hot and clothes are still wet after a full cycle. I believe it is tied to a rattling noise that i have noticed. To trouble shoot, and the dryer running, removed the dryer vent hose. The air coming out of the hose was cold. At that time there was a distinct tinny rattling noise I could hear coming from the unit. I shut the unit off for several hours. I turned the unit back in and as usual, about 20 seconds after startup i hear the igniter click and the exhaust gets hot. . About 5 minutes into the cycle it picked up a rattle again. Almost immediately afterwards the exhaust air turned cold. Turned off the unit, started it again. No rattle, hot air. No codes. Any ideas?


"It sounds like the motor is overheating then cutting off. Since it is making a noise first check the blower to see if there is something hung in the blower making the motor drag which can cause a smell and the overheating of the motor. The blower is located on the back of the dryer you have to remove the air duct down the back of the dryer to access it. 

If you have no luck there remove the belt and run the motor without the belt to see if it does the same thing. If so the motor is bad. Note when you run the motor without the belt, run it on a no heat cycle

What is your model number?"

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