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Put Bigger hard drive in Apple TV

Put Bigger hard drive in Apple TV

My Apple TV is a 160gb and almost full with my kids movies, is there a way to put a bigger drive in?


Here's an excellent tutorial with photos on how to upgrade your Apple TV: http://www.engadget.com/2007/03/23/how-t...

I found an article in Macworld magazine that sends you to <macworld.com/6673> which is an article on how to replace the hard drive with a larger one. Better yet there is another article which describes installing the Fire Core software "aTV Flash" <macworld.com/5790>. This software will allow you to plug an external hard disk into the back of the Apple TV and give you "Boxee" and XBMC to stream media from the internet like NetFlix and Amazon video on demand. I got it and I'm just waiting till my new 2TB hard drive arrives so I can hook everything up. I'll let you all know how it goes in about a 10 days.

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