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Receiver will not power on.

Receiver will not power on.

I have a Pioneer VSX-1022 receiver. Until recently it has been acting up by at random moments clicks off. After a day or 2 I can plug it back up and after while will randomly power back up. I’ve removed the cover and done a thorough blowing and contact cleaner in every crevice I can find. It was running pretty good after that for a couple weeks then just today quit again. I don’t see any scorch marks like arcing or anything that indicates possible visible circuit issues. I am not sure what else to try. Any advice is helpful.


"@frostwolfpack could be a capacitor issue as well as a Mosfet issue. Start troubleshooting according to Pioneer’s flowchart

It might help if you try and download the SM from here Post plenty of pictures with your QUESTION as you move along so we can see what you see and help you further if needed.

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