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red circle with red x

red circle with red x

when I turn it on I get a red X inside a red circle and the thing (hard drive?) is clicking. I sent it to service centr they said it got wet. It didnt. ButI had it secured to the dash of my car with a magnet. I think this is what damaged it. Any help? Thanks in advance


"first of all - never ever use a magnet in combination with anything that has some kind of memory in it - the magnet could erase it.

as for the fluid damage - look inside the headphone jack - is it red or white ?

the clicking comes from the hard drive - there are ways to fix it

one of those things is ""smack the iPod"" (click)

i would try that first - resotring would normally be the recommended step - but since the drive clicks - it would make not much sense"

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