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Red LED standby light flashes 6 times but doesn't work

Red LED standby light flashes 6 times but doesn't work

This Plasma TV Model number PN50C450B1D is from 2010, so it's a bit old. Still trying to troubleshoot because I'm in college and want to try to fix instead of buy a new one. I've looked into possible causes like blown capacitors or burnt looking components, but don't see on the power supply board or the main board. Are there any foolproof steps or order of operations to rule things out and diagnose this problem? Thanks in advance!


"Neil Kessler sounds like some issue with the X-Main, Y-Main or the SMPS power board.

Take plenty of pictures of your boards and post those with your question so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. Here is the general trouble shooting diagram for Samsung Plasma TV's.

See if you can get started with it. I also attached the fast track troubleshooting manual and hope it will at least get you started. PN50C450B1D Trouble Shooting"

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