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Removing the agitator assembly

Removing the agitator assembly

I have a kenwood compact washer model 110 and I’m trying to remove the agitator assembly so that I can check the agitator dogs. I removed the fabric softener cup, the lint basket and the agitator screw on the side of the agitator assembly. Then I proceeded to lift the assembly, but it won’t lift out. I don”t see a bolt in the center top of the agitator. HELP!


We've removed the bolt waaay down deep in the agitator and it still won't budge. Looks like around plastic disc with 3 slightly raised pieces, but nothing a tool will remove, surrounding where the bolt was.

I have this same issue. None of the videos I can find on YouTube show how to get the agitator off this particular model. There is NO bolt holding the agitator on which can be accessed from the top as the video depicts. There is nothing but a 3 flanged pice of plastic obscuring several bolts that appear impossible to access about 2 feet down inside the center of the agitator. We still need help figuring this out.

Pull up hard then push up hard pull up hard push back down. Over and over spray wd-40 around where you took the bolt out every so often. It took me 20 minutes (with a couple of breaks) up and down it gives a millimeter each time.

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