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Replacement screws for over ear Bose Q35 headphones.

Replacement screws for over ear Bose Q35 headphones.

The screw to my ear piece fell out and now the earpiece is separated from the frame. Where do I get replacement parts.


"I found this as the answer


They sell them here from China"

Forget Bose. They will offer a replacement for $200. This is the second - and last - pair of Bose headphones I will buy because this has happened to both pair. This is clearly a design flaw. There are questions about this all over the internet. Apparently it is a male-female screw specially made for Bose. I could drive to Bose in Framingham, MA, and pick up the screws, but no. Not available. There is probably a warehouse full of them in China. Try threading a thin plastic covered wire or tie through the holes as a temporary measure so you don’t damage the wiring.

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