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Restore iPod errors to Sad iPod icon and sometimes plug into wall.

Restore iPod errors to Sad iPod icon and sometimes plug into wall.
I recently got a 2nd hand iPod Photo. I wanted to take a fresh start and restored iPod through newest iTunes. As a part of the process it wanted me to plug it to a power adapter, which I did but not with a normal apple one, instead my own Android charger's USB. Somewhere along it died out and shows only sad iPod icon. I tried Hard disk mode but iTunes won't see it so I can restore once more. Furthermore, sometimes it shows the wall plug icon but when I plug it in it goes blank and hard drive stops after a while.


@alienozi The older iPods required that they be disconnected from the USB port and plugged into an external power adapter i.e. wall charger. Once plugged into that it would perform the final step of the either restore or update.  You must use a firewire AC adapter to finalize the restore process. A USB AC adapter will not work. It syncs, but does not finish it's restore process without Firewire. While the iPod does technically charge over FireWire, the port that you're using has to be able to supply the necessary voltage. Some FireWire ports, as well as USB ports, particularly those found on laptops, don't necessarily supply a charging current, and therefore the iPod won't charge from such a port. The port needs to be powered in order for the iPod to charge from the USB port.  Your Android or any other USB charger will not work.

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