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Roku freezes, connector problem between TV and device

Roku freezes, connector problem between TV and device

Every day or two, after I haven't been using it for several hours, my Roku 2 XS freezes and needs to be rebooted. When I unplug it and plug it in again, I have to fiddle with the connector before it reboots. This is not the power cord connector, but the connector from the TV to the Roku, on the Roku end. Even so, I still need to power cycle, so maybe there are two things going on.


I was having a similar issue on my Roku 2XS ever since the update back in December. Try going to Settings>Privacy and make sure there's a check mark next to "limit ad tracking". This worked pretty well for me. I'm guessing that someone didn't do enough QA testing on their ad code or the management didn't care and just cranked the dial up too much on the ad software.


Although a Roku device is a great item, sometimes it can crash, freeze or restart without warning. It can freeze, reboot, or freeze during streaming, browsing channels, or while it is idle. This tutorial will show you how to fix roku freeze and restart problems.

The privacy setting trick didn't work for cbs all access sigh. Mine doesn't freeze, it crashes the Roku every 2 or 3 mins

Will give that a shot thank you! Was thinking it was almost time to upgrade but really no need.

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