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Samsung Smart TV Cuts on and off after screen glitch

Samsung Smart TV Cuts on and off after screen glitch

I have a Samsung UN55ES7500F smart TV. Over the past couple of months it has started cutting off and back on on its own. Every time it does so, it is preceded by a couple seconds of a screen glitch for a few seconds, usually colored lines or a solid color. It then cuts off and cuts back on and the screen is fine. First it happened once a day or so and now it does it constantly, occasionally fixing itself for a few hours. I'm using another TV now, and have ordered a new power supply board in hopes of that fixing it, but it hasn't arrived. I've noticed if it's been working for a while, it usually starts doing it again if a button is pressed on the remote, volume or input usually. A coworker said he thinks it may be a different hardware problem because of the accompanying screen glitch, but the screen isn't otherwise damaged and once it powers back on the screen is fine, at least until the next power cycle. Any ideas?


@jtooms4470 this "usually colored lines or a solid color" can be caused by a bad T-con board, a bad main board but also a bad power supply. the power supply after all sends it's "signals" to all of the before mentioned. I do tend to agree that the likelihood is small, but since you did order a replacement you might as well try it. Just keep us informed about what is going on and once you have your set opened up, post your images so we can assist you further (if needed of course;)

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