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Samsung tv won’t turn on. The standby light flashes 5xs

Samsung tv won’t turn on. The standby light flashes 5xs

My Samsung tv won’t turn on . The stand by light flashes 5xs and I then hear a faint click. I have taken off the back of the tv and none of the capacitors are bulging. I disconnected the main board from the power board and plugged it in and could see light coming through the screws. I am assuming that this means the power board is good. Should I try replacing the main board? The model # UN65JU670DFXZA.


"@michellerichins you did not tell us what model your Samsung actually is. This will be important information to have to see if we can assist you with your repair. The 5 blinks are not very informative since this is simply a general no power /signal fault. It is important to check the caps (specially on a Samsung) but even failed caps may look normal. You will have to check the connector and test points for the proper voltages. The clicking you hear is most likely one of the relays that turn the TV off to protect it's circuits. Since you removed the back, post some images of all of your boards as well as the total layout so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. Once you do that, unplug the T-con board. This is the other major board connected to the main board. See if that changes anything. Also, check the fuses on the T-con board, power board and main board for continuity. You will need a multimeter to check this TV.

Update (01/15/2018)

The fuse on the T-con board is partially covered by the large heatsink.

Of course if you are more comfortable with exchanging the board itself, that is a possibility as well. You can get that from places like this and many others."

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