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Screen lights up but no menu

Screen lights up but no menu

TV turns on but no menu screen. Tried unplugging it for 10 minutes. Nothing. Tried using a different power source. Nothing. ?????


"Hi @noneya124 ,

If you get picture and audio OK when using different inputs e.g. HDMI, RF (coax), Component video etc but there are just no TV menu screens did you try using the TV Settings button to see if you can access the TV menus, rather than just the remote control?

Here’s an image to show where it is located.

(click on image to enlarge)

If still no good, try updating the software (Software & Drivers links down on right side of page). Click on the Reference link to ensure that your exact TV model number is listed as loading the wrong software can brick a TV.

Note: Be aware that if the installed TV software is the same version as what is available to load i.e. Ver. 04.42.08 then this won’t work. Unfortunately you would need to be able to access the TV menu screens to find out. Since you can’t you can only try"

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