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Sensing Light Flashes, Hear a Click, But then Nothing Happens

Sensing Light Flashes, Hear a Click, But then Nothing Happens

I replaced the Lid Switch and verified it is working with my meter. I pressed the start button and the panel gave me the Lid Locked light and it locked the lid, plus started draining water that was still inside. I flip the fill knob so it would fill with water and it did, but it did not start to agitate the clothes.


"Done right ASAP-If the “sensing /fill” is the only light on and it’s flashing then the cycle has paused. Push the PAUSE button once and the light should be on but not flashing and the cycle should continue within about 10 min depending on water pressure. You could have a slow fill. Unplug unit. Remove the fill hoses and clean the screens at the washer water valve. Before putting the hoses back on run a gallon of water into a bucket to flush the lines and make sure your home pressure is good. Next, set it for a DRAIN/SPIN cycle and press START and give it 15 min. DONT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS AFTER YOU’VE PRESSED “START” I’ve also had water level switches cause this this issue. The contacts inside the switch fail.

The settings aren’t meant to be change once the START button is pushed, only the PAUSE/CANCEL can be used. There is a TECH MANUAL in the washer that has all the information you need. It is in a plastic bag that is attached to a he inside of the cabinet front."

What the washer is doing when it is sensing is the positioning sensor is checking the position of the motor with the tub. When it’s working properly, you’ll hear the motor start and stop. The clutch engages and the basket will move. It will do this twice then start filling. If the sensor light is blinking that means it was unable to engage. Either the shifter has failed, or something is preventing it to engage. Such as an item has made its way between the utter and inner tub. A damage hub bearing will also cause this error. The basket will have to be removed to determine the problem. If the agitator or wash plate is difficult to remove, it’s likely that the drive shaft has rusted to the tub bearing. These parts are located at the base of the outer tub at the bottom. Once the inner tub is remove, you’ll be looking at the hub assembly witch includes the bearing.

Tough one, let’s see if @ladytech has any advice. Meanwhile unplug it again for five minutes to allow it to reset again.

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