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Shows a sad face icon and wont turn on.

Shows a sad face icon and wont turn on.
I was listening to my iPod classic in the car and picked a song and it crashed. Ironically it was Sweet Dreams. But anyways now it shows a sad face icon. I tried resetting it dozens of times and it makes this annoying weird sound and keeps on resetting and resetting even when I don't press a button. I'm selling it on eBay. I hope to fix it by tommorow but I'm not sure exactly how to fix it. HELP PLEASE!!!


Tronfan007, not sure about the weird sound, but I would try and place it in disk mode and see if you can access the drive from there. Without further information, it does sound like a bad hard drive. Of course, try to see if iTunes can find your iPod and try a restore if it does.
"This might sound crazy but does work.

Get a pad of paper or a magazine, Hold the iPod back down and smack it 3-6 times down firmly. Its a stuck hard drive and this will fix it for a while. It may come back but do the same each time, I recommend getting a replacement HDD but this will work for the meantime.

Thanks, Matthew. I hope this helps you out :)"
First try to enter into disk mode and connect to itune. If you stuck on not disconnect, hold down the menu and center button to reboot and disconnect the cable when the apple logo appear.
Hi everybody, i just buy an ipod video G5 30gb 15 days ago, cheap, about 10$usd because the problem with this was the legend : battery very low, please wait.... so when i open, i saw i little issue in the battery cable connector, 2 pins united with a pellet (i don know the name in english, in spanish is "sarro", google translate said sarro=tartar....) so i buy a new battery but when i connected, my ipod 30gb wake up with a SAD FACE....

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