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SMOK X Priv firmware

SMOK X Priv firmware
Hi, my x-priv bricked and I didn't find a correct firmware on the official site... The support can't help me. Anyone know the solution? Thanks


I had an overheat with my X-Priv which I’d packed in my carry-on bag for a flight the next morning. Mod was on standby but not powered off. Next morning I woke to a horrible burnt chemical smell and found the inside of my bag burnt. This mod comes with 6 failsafes apparently, over heating and over discharge being two of them.
Hey guys, know that it´s probably too late and you hopefully managed to solve the problem, but I got reply from support of SMOK by mail.
This is actually the OP I copied
If you bricked it, nothing will reverse it. Some mods have a reset button to stop this happening. Sorry.

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