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Sony Bravia XBR Flickers/Flashes, then turns off and blinks red LED

Sony Bravia XBR Flickers/Flashes, then turns off and blinks red LED

Hey, so I have a Sony Bravia XBR55HX929, and it works great until it starts flickering the black light. It’s almost as if the tv is having a brightness seizure, does some weird stuff with the picture like put a white line on the right side of the screen with the rest black, have little circles of the backlight be darker than the rest, make the brightness max out and then be dim as possible. Just weird stuff. A lot of the time it will turn off and blink it’s red LED in the bottom left of the TV 5 times. The relative I got this from had a guy replace the motherboard a long time ago and it did the same thing after the board replacement. So they decided to put it into storage for a few years and they gave it to me so I could use it as my one television.


"Logan Davis  sounds like either a bad backlight array or a bad power board. You’ll have to take the back cover off and measure the voltages from the power board to the backlight LED’s. See if those are stable. If they are you need to replace the backlight strips inside the panel. If needed post some pictures of your boards so we can see what you see and potentially help you out further.Adding images to an existing question

Update (01/11/2020)

Logan Davis 5 blink for this model usually indicates that the T-Con board has failed.

Sony part number for that is 1-883-893-11. Here is the part of the manual that deals with the disassembly and removal of the boards. For now maybe it is best to trust the Sony troubleshooting and just replace the board. That way yo do not rush to learn electronic skills and you can take your time learning it. Sony-xbr-55hx920-xbr-55hx929.pdf"

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