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sound problems doesnot ear nothing

sound problems doesnot ear nothing

The iPod play the music but doesnt ear anithing no sound the guys from apple say was the software but wasn't somebody have any idea what can be the problem?


"I wrote something about this problem a few minutes ago - so here we go again ;-)

a common problem are shot capacitors on the logicboard (c145 & c146). you can see them in step 8 of the logic board guide. the two orange parts are sometimes defective/shot/burned. they are 220µF capacitors and if they are ""bad"" they could look like this:

it could also be a problem with the P5021C-TDF - this part is the black one, left from the burned piece on the image above

the solderings of this chip failed on many 5g iPod's in less than a year - if you want to read more about it: CLICK here

if you open your iPod (enough to reach the black chip i mentioned) - and play some music - try to press slightly with your finger in the back thing - now you should hear the music"

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