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Strange cord? Cannot use on windows?

Strange cord? Cannot use on windows?
I just ordered a 3rd generation iPod from ebay and when i got it, the cord did not have a usb port, but some other port. It fits my old iBook, but there is no place on my windows. Why is this? I am just wondering for future reference and curiousity, because I actually put my whole library on the mac anyways, but if in the future something goes wrong, is there an adapter for the newer windows computers? I actually did try my other iPods cord (which was a fourth gen. that got stolen) but it didnt do anything to this iPod. Nothing happened. I am just curious really.


You can get multiport adapters that have the firewire outlet as long as you have the firewire port on your motherboard you can connect it. There are also aftermarket firewire wall chargers and additionally there are cables still available that have the firewire port for charging and the USB port for syncing. It fixed my problems and that old iPod is humming like new :) good luck

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