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Stuck in disk mode, error 1416 and -16!

Stuck in disk mode, error 1416 and -16!

Basically guys, I have an ipod video 5.5g 30gb - and all was fine up until a few weeks ago when it locked u and I got the sad mac logo.



*meeek* totaly wrong way. To get it to work, the iPod needs to be restored by iTunes

Set the iPod to disk mode, connect to a computer runnig iTunes follow the instructions to restore the iPod, done.


You have an old iPod Video 5.0 motherboard. This motherboard will only accept the 30 and 60GB harddisks.

Hi there and may be I am totally wrong here but is the motherboard for the 30GB not different than one for the 80-120GB I thought the 30GB boards had 32MB of RAM while the 80GB board had 64MB of RAM. May be that is why you get that -16 error. But of course I am no expert so excuse my ignorance :)

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