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T priv 3 300w won’t charge?

T priv 3 300w won’t charge?
I just got my Vape yesterday and I’ve tried the charger it came with and about 10 different ones what should I do? It doesn’t even show a charging symbol or anything I’ve left it on charge for at least 2 hours on each charger and it still says battery low needs charged


"If you have a T-Priv 3 Mod, the cable that came with it is NOT the charger. It is a data transfer cable that you can use to update your T-Priv 3 by connecting it to your computer.

The [3] batteries need to be removed from the T-Priv 3 (by opening the battery compartment on the bottom) and charged using an external battery charger (not included by Smok).

Hope this helps! I just got my T-Priv 3 a few days ago and am currently charging my batteries, so I feel confident that this should solve your problems."
It’s a 3 battery vape it won’t charge off a cord you need a battery tray charger
Is there anyway I can charge it trough usb because buying 3 rechargeable batteries and a charger is expense.
it is not a problem it doesnt support charging from mod i have the issue of screen failiure cant find smoks response to this
So !#^&@@!! The guyat the store told me i could charge it but i might want to invest in batteries sometime to make it charge better. Nd i bought it. F#ck him

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