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TCL TV keeps flashing black on and off

TCL TV keeps flashing black on and off

My TCL tv keeps flashing black on and off. It's not a complete solid black, kinda transparent on the left side and transitions to solid on the right. It's happened a few times and eventually fixed itself bit has now happened again.


@tracywoods82 sounds like a backlight issue. You do want to check the power supply board on this. Remove the back of your TV and take a look for any obvious damage. Leaking or domed looking capacitors as well as all the interconnect wiring are a prime suspect. Double check all that. Post some images of your boards etc. with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

Change the picture settings. I set everything back to normal and the flickering screen issues went away.

Same/similar problem TCL 49D100BAA (1080p no roku/no wifi) Tv hdmi(arc input) to rhe soundbar powerd woofer amplifier hdmi distribution (1 in hdmi from computer, 1 out hdmi <arc> to Tv) . Tv started slowly flashing dim to bright over ~5 min the rate went from 20x/min ro 60+/min. The solution working for me/my set uo so far. 1.Turned off tv, unplug hdmi and power cord. Push power button when unplugged, wait few min(i did 5 not ina hurry). 2. Plug just power cord back in Turn TV on goto Tv menu and factory reset (i restarted Tv again probably unnec) 3.. After restart the following settings worked(Bright:50 ; Contrast:55; Hue:55; Sharp:50; temp :normal; Dynamic Contrast:Off; screen ratio:Point ro Point; NR:Off. Backlight:50. 4. All cables checked and/or (re) connected to computer. So far sink remains open, no other problems.. Yet.

Mine has been doing the same thing. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. It works in conjunction to the screen TVbrightness/PictureMode. If I set to Normal/Normal, all is ok. If I raise either 1 of the 2 settings to a brighter screen, such as bright or vivid or enhanced, I get the flicker. Also, changing the backlight level higher will cause it as well. Annoying, but will put up with if for a while, until it gets worse or goes out.

Unfortunately….the TV Screen is bad. The LEDs are at fault.. It is nearly impossible to remove screen cover to replace the LEDs in any TV. When under warranty…we will receive a new panel (screen, once called the picture tube) and replace. Take boards out of bad TV and install into new panel. A new panel is as much as the TV $. I have seen many TVs with this problem, and is common to all sets now. Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

Yes, that can work. The real problem is that there are a few LED’s that are not coming on.

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