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The Sony CFD-S05 unit will not power up

The Sony CFD-S05 unit will not power up

When I try to turn the unit on it briefly reads 3 (volume indicator and Mega Bass). It then immediately shuts down. I have tried with batteries and the power cord.


cndwilson sounds like you have an issue with the power circuitry on the mainboard. Disassemble it and check for any burned/leaking or domed looking caps. Post some images of your board with your question. Use this guidefor that. That way we can see what you see. Use these guides to work on your Sony

Hi @transform2020,

I am fixing a unit with the identical problem. After some troubleshooting and replacing the two above stated capacitors, the unit continued to do the same. (Turn on very briefly)

I think with this CD player any of the electrolytic caps are suspect. As I remember there are several power supply lines of different voltages in this unit. When troubleshooting I found it easiest to disconnect all the supply lines and then check them one by one to see which one is shorted. When you find the shorted supply line start removing capacitors on that line until the short goes away. Once the short disappears you found the shorted capacitor.

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