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The sound cuts out at different times on different channels

The sound cuts out at different times on different channels

My older Toshiba TVs sound will cut out on different channels at different times n sometimes more than 1 channel at a time. Does anyone know why n how to fix it$


@budster47 try a eset first. Disconnect all inputs and everything else that maybe plugged in to your TV. Then disconnect the power cord. Hold the power button down for about a minute. Then connect one video input source. Use a local source like a BR player or a game console and see if that made a difference. Cable and Sat boxes can cause issues with sound as well hence a local input source. If everything remains unchanged and the sound still cuts out, the issue could be the sound IC on your main board. We’d need to at least know what model it is and possibly see a couple of good pictures of all of the TV’s boards. You can post those with your QUESTION. Remember, this is a Toshiba. There is absolutely no help for DIY’er from this company. They are as paranoid as Apple and others when it comes to self repair. So we’ll have to rely on each other to fix Toshiba devices

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