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The speed on my record player is inconsistent. What is the problem?

The speed on my record player is inconsistent. What is the problem?

On my Panisonic Technics record player the speed on the player is inconsistent causing a wobble sound. Speed test showed normal speed and about half to 2/3 rotation the speed slows down and then goes back to normal again. The process repeats.


"As Jayeff pointed out, you don’t list a model number so a detailed response is not possible for you specifically. However, there are a number of common failures that can account for what you see:

As these units age, the lubrication of the spindle can get “sticky” and it is possible that this is contributing to the problem.

There are 2 main types of designs used for turning the platter, 1) Rubber belt or idler and 2) direct motor drive. In your case, I would suspect that your unit uses a belt. Older units used rubber rings on hubs (idlers), but those were replaced by belted designs many years ago. The Technics units that I have seen have been belt driven or direct drive.

As the belt ages, it can either get stiff and slippery or get to the point where it is just goo. In your case I suspect that the belt is a bit stretched and getting slippery. Combine that with the lubrication getting sticky too and you will get inconsistent turning of the platter as you are seeing.

This unit needs a little TLC. Remove the platter and clean out the old oil/grease and re-lube it.

Replace the belt with a new one and you should be back to normal operation. If your unit does have an idler, replace that.

Reply to this if the above does not resolve the problem and post the model number as well.


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