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The television will not turn on, power light blinks 10 times (red)

The television will not turn on, power light blinks 10 times (red)

From my preliminary research, I think it has to do with a fuse and the internal power supply. Anyone have any instructions on how to replace it or what parts I need to buy?


power light blinking 10 times, i removed the back of my panasonic viera 42" tv and using a make up brush and low power hoover removed all the dust, fluff and debris from the fans and boards. switched it on and it now works perfectly, its def worth a try.

I had the same problem and it was the fans in the back of the unit. You can easily order them and replace them yourself. Look at the back of the unit first to make sure it is one or more of the fans not working. Otherwise it may be a fuse or an overloaded circuit. Hope this helps...!

I have Panasonic 42 in. Plasma TV for more than 8 years now and never gave me any problem until this month, will turn on few seconds then off, same 10x blinks and nothing. I did all the easy fix, vacuum the back TV, plugged to different outlet and it worked. Two weeks later , it gave me the same problem again. My next option was to unplug the TV for 2-3 days as what some people suggested, but it's hard to imagine no TV for few days? After 4 hours I tried again but still not working. There are many components attached to the TV, (my nephew is an electronic junkie even though he does not live with me). I tried removing the attached Ruko, and Turned on the TV and it WORKED. My nephew couldn't believe I fixed the problem myself as I am a senior citizen auntie who does not know about electronics. Thanks to all who posted their comments, I was able to get some ideas.

The same thing happened to my Panasonic. Some say to hold the power button in for 10 seconds to reset it and that usually works. Sometimes it needs to be done a few times. My resolution was to plug it into a different circuit in the house. Obviously there was too many compnents on the same circuit and TVs (good ones), will protect themselves from frying and have to be reset. If the new circuit area is working for you in another adjacent room, just tap off of that one and install an new outlet in the room in which the TV is. Think positive! It's not always the Red Light Death!"

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