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The white lights on my beats keep flashing from left to right?

The white lights on my beats keep flashing from left to right?
So I got my beats brand new and they worked fine for the first day. On the second day, I used them for a bit and then whenever I switched songs, it would disconnect from Bluetooth from my iPhone. And no, there's no water damage. So I tried to update my beats using beats updater. It connected to my Mac but my update was "interrupted" and I couldn't get the headphones to connect to the computer again. I tried to reset my headphones but the white lights keep appearing to flash from left to right again and again. I tried using the optional phone microphone cable to listen to music and nothing would play. Hope it's not broken:( All I know is that the reason it kept disconnecting from my phone was because I didn't update the beats. But when I tried to, it won't connect to my Mac. The website said to reset them. And when I tried to reset it, it would reset and the white lights would keep flashing. They won't turn off. Should I let the battery drain out and try to turn it on again? Or is there another way? Thanks.


"A fix that worked for me:

1. Unplug Headset from computer

2. Go to updater site and let it look for a device.

3. turn off the headset by holding power button for a few secs.

4. Plug it in and hold the power button to turn it on at the same time. DO NOT LET GO OF THE POWER BUTTON until the entire update process is complete. (it takes about 5 minutes.)"
I had the same exact problem, I contacted beats in chat on the site and gave them some info on serial number and such and they had me send them in to them (for free, they send you packing material to properly send with instructions plus packing label) and they replaced with new pair, haven't had a problem since, I haven't had to update them either, to my knowledge anyway, they still sound great and that was about a year ago. Hope this helps, it did for me.
mine had the same problem i let battery completely drain then plugged them in to a different pc and installed the updater on the new pc and they started working again but did not try to update them again.
Mine has been blinking red and white for days and I've reset them a few times and let it die and charged it again. It works randomly but then flashes red and white again and then sometimes it just flashes white constantly. I've bought a range of headphones and I've bought Beats about 5 times now and I've always had problems with them unfortunately so need to look for another make.

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