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theft light only lights up for two minutes then off. Why won't it star

theft light only lights up for two minutes then off. Why won't it star Okay so I have a 98 Expedition and I lost my only key so I had to drill out the old ignition in order to get it to the on position to take the cylinder out. In the process the Pats transceiver that goes around the lock was damaged. So I go to pick a part grab another transceiver, installed it i got a new ignition with two brand new chip keys installed and I go to turn it on and it won't start. ot turns over but won't start. I read How to cycle in and program two new keys. In that description it says the anti-theft light will continuously blank for 15 minutes. My theft light will only for 2 minutes then shut off. I figured if I wait till it shuts off will try to start it then but it still won't start. And the theft light will not come back on until I turn the car off with the key and turn it back on and then it'll come on for 2 minutes and then shut off again. what do i do?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

2 minutes is your tell tale sign, you got the wrong part number for your transponder, go to the dealer and make triple sure your VIN number and transponder part number are made for each other. Just tell them this one is wrong please. Also make triple sure you didn’t damage anything else down there.