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tub filling with water when not on

tub filling with water when not on

The tub fills with water when the machine is not turned on. It takes about a day for this to happen. You can turn the machine on drain and spin and it goes away. I have had the pump replaced about six months ago.


"This could be caused by a water inlet valve malfunction. The valve has a diaphragm that is electronically controlled. It closes to shut the water off when not in use. Over time the valve can accumulate sediment and debris causing the valve not to seat properly. You can try and clean the valve with vinegar to remove any sediments. Clean it with running water after.You will need to remove the valve to do this. Should the cleaning not resolve the issue, you may have to replace the valve. For that you have to open the machine from the top:""

Remove the three screws holding the top panel in place.

Disconnect the hoses and electrical connections to the water inlet valve.

Remove the mounting screws holding the water inlet valve.

The part number for the valve is 906483 and a replacement valve is available at places like this. Attached image is from here.Hope this helps, good luck."

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