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Turn signal fuse keeps blowing on 97 Chevy C2500.

Turn signal fuse keeps blowing on 97 Chevy C2500. The turn signals worked fine but the hazard lights did not, however when I would hit the brakes all of my turn signals would illuminate without blinking. I had wiggled the press button a little bit and finally did get the hazard lights to work as they should, however the brakes would still illuminate them without any blink. Also after getting the hazard lights to work now my turn signals do not work at all. I bought a new hazard light/turn signal switch with wiring harness, figuring it was a bad switch but that did not do the trick. I did find I had a blown fuse so when I replaced the fuse and turn my turn signal on it instantly blew that fuse as well. Thinking it may be a bad relay or a bad ground but any ideas or help that I can find would be great. I got a pretty good deal on the truck but if I cant pass an inspection then it isnt worth a whole lot at all. Thanks in advance!

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