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Tv Has back light but no picture

Tv Has back light but no picture

I have a Vizio 55in 4K TV model number m55 - C2 the problem is it has no picture but does have backlight and sound. When powering on the logo flashes for a Split Second I have tested all voltages they're all good but the voltages from the output on the t-con board are not present or are very low at the ribbon cable connector test points I have replaced mainboard bord and t-con bord. Still having same problem please can you help me figure this one out really would like to get this TV up and live again thanks.


@lenke since you already replace the main board and the t-con board you might as well go ahead and replace the Power Supply board and LED driver board as well. Make sure that your cables are all properly seated and the connectors are not bend or corroded. Ultimately I'd go for the power board based on your statement about the t-con board.

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