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TV wont turn on. power light turns on, blinks, then shut's off

TV wont turn on. power light turns on, blinks, then shut's off

Vizio e500i-a0 wont turn on. Tried unplugging it and holding down the power button per Vizio tech support. Tech support believes it's the power supply. Received a quote ffrom an authorized repair shop for $275. Foind the power supply board online for $30. Would rather fix it ourselves if possible. Any help would be appreciated!


My vizio tv was working now it won't power on but the vizio light lights up..

Try checking the main bord out put processor to see if it is getting power. Or it might be a bad Ribon cable try shining a broth light on the screen at different angles to see if there’s a picture If there is a picture it’s the backlight driver board I’ve had a lot of problems with Visio’s dropping back like drivers

large vizio smart tv.. worked fine, moved to another room and tv wont turn on via remote or tv buttons. unplugged tv and plugged back in and tv light comes on and fades out... tried piwer cycling, leaving unplugged for a day, etc. remote nor tv buttons do anything... BUT

I have a vizio d50u-d1. No picture, has sound. The white power light comes on and fades away. I replaced the power board and still no luck. On the main board there is a small solid red light that comes on. Is that my next step ? Someone mentioned the led strips but I wasn't having any issues with the picture itself fading.

Vizio TVs are prone to develop power failures for one of two reasons: 1) the power board has blown some electrolytic caps, and they need to be replaced, or 2) the main board has blown one or more of six low-voltage DC regulators (AMC1117). The parts are cheap, and if you’re comfortable with disassembling the set and performing some PCB repair work, you can do it at home.

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