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upgrade hard drive possible?

upgrade hard drive possible?

I have a 30gb iPod and I was wondering if I can swap on an 80gb rear casing so that I can use a larger hard drive and the battery of the 80gb model.


"Basically you need this stuff:

*60/80 gb rear panel

*60/80 gb headphone jack (it's about 1/4"" longer

to reach around the thick hard drive)

*60/80 gb battery (longer to reach around HD)

*60/80 gb rubber bumpers (taller to protect logic board in thicker casing

check this thread for further reference."

Yes... you could theoreticially, just remember the iPod may not function as well with the hard drive that it was not designed to carry. This is all I know on this topic so far, so if I were you, I would do a lot of research.

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