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Using a iPod Photo Front Panel on a 4thGen Ipod?

Using a iPod Photo Front Panel on a 4thGen Ipod?
I have a Ipod 4g and the click wheel stop working. I want to replace it but the 4th Gen Ipod Front Panels have been sold out for a long time.. Can you use the Ipod Photo Front Panel instead.. (Maybe with some Hacking)?? It looks like the only difference to me is the screen and not the clickwheel and front.


"Fourth gen (a1059) has a monochrome screen. Photo (a1099) has a color screen.

The big difference internally between the two is the location of the display connector and the absence of a sixth screw into the front panel. In terms of hardware, just leave the one screw out. I cannot definitively say if the click wheel is universal, however.

UPDATE: the 4th gen will fit into a Photo front panel. The Photo will not fit into the 4th gen front panel (due to the display change and a screw post). So physically, yes, you can use a Photo front panel. Whether it is software-compatible, I cannot say. It's worth a shot!"

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