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Vizio tv Model E650i-A2 with sound but has black screen

Vizio tv Model E650i-A2 with sound but has black screen

I have a Vizio tv Model E650i-A2 with sound but a black screen. I tried the hard reset by turning off the tv and unplugging it. Then pressed the power button on the tv for 30 seconds. Plugged it back in and powered it up. I get the Vizio logo to pop up for a second then goes out. After that I get only black screen. If I take a bright flashlight and stand with it next to screen, I can see a faint image, indicating a backlight issue.  I have taken the back off and looked over all of the boards to no avail. The power board is getting 122v. the fuse on the power board has continuity. None of the capacitors are burnt nor bubbled. The 2 connectors on the power board going to the backlight appear to soldered ok. I get 23/24v out of the power board and 23v into the backlight board. I have 23v coming out of the backlight board. The main board appears to be ok. I don’t know how to test the t-con board, but comments from other technicians seem to indicate this is not the problem.  I did have a local tv repair man come to my house today. He came in kneeled down on the floor next to the tv and without pulling out a single tool nor looking at the tv itself, looked at me and told me that he would have to take it back to the shop where he would need to replace all of the LED strips/lights for a big fee. He then told me he could have it repaired and back to me later today/tonight. It just sounded like a scam since I know how much labor is involved taking it apart and putting it back together. And to have it back to me the same day? I refused to pay the $75 service call to my house and politely declined spending a lot of money to take my tv completely apart.  I would appreciate any advice I can get before throwing it out to the garbage.


@kyclaypool going by your description, it does sound like a bad LED backlight array (not the t-con board) always double check the voltages going to the LED’s. As you already figured out, it is possible to replace the backlight strips and yes, it is a PITA. You will have to totally disassemble your TV and the panel. Mark the diffuser sheet s so they can go back the exact way they were removed. Then change the strips. Not sure how busy or how good the service guy was but it is a pretty labor intensive job. However, it can be done in a few hours.

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